About Us

Refrigeration in food supply

A long time ago the ancient already used the properties and advanteges of ice to keep their food fresh. Therefor they stored ice from the mountains in deep cellars to delay the biological process of germ and mould formation.

Due to the development of industrial refrigeration technology and the invention of refrigerators and freezers for private use, our standard of living has increased significantly! Today epidemics and food poisoning is off the cards and  we only read about it in history books.

However, the major advantage for the human race involved a big curse to our planet. The conventional refrigerants were immensely harmful to our environment and they probably bear part of the blame for the global warming that we are all witnessing today. (Eg destruction of ozone layer by CFCs)

Unfortunately there is still a lot of rejected food (caused by bad Quality) in our food production that could have been landed fresh on the plates of hungry people. If we look at the fishing industry for example we obviously can see this preventable problem.

The potential for the future exists

We just have to exploid it. There is a big need of technical and competent commitment for the future to ensure that at most 100% of the produced food will land on the plates of our fellow men. We got the technology as well as the know-how to make our contribution to that goal.

And not only the food industry can benefit from our facilities in the future. In air-conditioning for example there is a big opportunity to save energy and money. Effective cooling of concrete in construction projects is in the process of planning, data centers could be cooled by ice storage in case of blackouts, etc. …

The Vision

The COOLTECH GmbH was founded in 2006 by two friends who already look back at about 20 years of collective experience in the refrigeration industry.
Our systems operate environmentally friendly, effective and reliable.

We belive in the potential, that we see in our technology to serve the welfare and progress of mankind.