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The Idea

We developed EasyIce specifically for use on fish and shrimp boats to simplyfy the work of the fishermen and to optimize the process of optaining the quality of the haul.

It has been our first priority to offer a complete system to the fishermen, that combines the advantages of our BinaryIce with the special requirements for an ice system on a small ship. During personal visits on shrimp boats the following collective demands of the fishermen have become clear:

        • The system must be as small as possible, so that the refrigerated hold can still be fully utilized.
        • The system must be easy to use.
        • The system must be attractively priced for the fisherman, even at low crab prices.

Then we have set oneself to work and can now proudly present our results!

The Realisation

Reduction of the required space: The ice generator should stand directly in the refrigerated hold of the ship, where the ice is needed. For this reason the ice storage of our conventional cooling systems is the refrigerated hold itself. Hence we could remove it from the the system concept and save space for the fishermen. Because the ice is to be moved up by using a specially designed helical screw rotor it can be given directly in the refrigerated hold. So we could renounce a pump and a view pipes, because there is no need for pumping the ice in a closed circuit.

Easiness of use:
The fishermen wanted an easy-to-use system which has finally led us to name our new system “EasyIce”. The system is programmed and designed to start it at one push of a button and produce ice in a little while.

The cost factor:
We managed to offer our EasyIce systems at an attractive price. Thanks to the save of storage and pipelinewe could bill less insallation costs. For the needed refrigeration brine the fishermen can use the salted seawater and we don’t claim fees for it. And last but not least there will be no more reason for the fishermen to put into harbour to buy expensive ice of worse quality and lose time they could spend with fishing. All these facts together allow a fast amortisation of the system and more earnings for the future.


The Features

Our EasyIce consists of sea water with small ice crystals which together make up a snow-like soft ice that adapts perfectly to the surface of the objects to be cooled. The salinity of sea water determines the temperature and the size of the ice crystals. For the North Sea and the Baltic Sea we emirically talk about a temperature about -2°C.
Our ice remains in its consistency for a very long time, because the ice crystals change their phase at a very certain point and then melt off abruptly while they release their entire cooling energy. As long as the system operats with sea water of a salinity of about 0.8%, it conveys a soft ice. The word soft in this sense means that the ice crystals are not sharp-edged and don’t freeze together to such sharp-edged pieces that could lead to damage on the cell surface or freezer burn on the fish and shrips.
Due to the soft consistency and high ice crystal concentration EasyIce is much more efficient regarding to the cold transmission and quality preservation than conventional cooling processes.

EasyEis Video
EasyEis Video

Dieses Video zeigt Schritt für Schritt wie einfach die Bedienung einer EasyEis Anlage ist!


The Advantages of EasyIce at a Look

  1. Best quality preservation for fish an shrips
    Fast and effective cooling by soft ice with perfect adaptation to the object to be cooled and without causing freezer burn 
  2. Independence of the fishermen
    Autarkic ice production without expensive and impractible conventional purchase of ice in harbours.
  3. Profitability
    Fast amortisation by fair investment price, own ice production of the fishermen and better quality preservation of the cooled fish and shrips. (possibly more commision for better quality)
  4. Easy to use
    Start of the system by push of a button.