21 Jul 2016
July 21, 2016


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RECOICE Poster here read more →

In September 2015 the first BinaryIce installation in France has been completed on the fish trawler “Arpege”. The innovative ship read more →

The TX65 from the beautiful island Texel in the Netherlands is now equipted with our innovative BinaryIce technology. Together with our partner VCU, that did the installation, we made a short video after commissioning. read more →

14 Oct 2014
October 14, 2014

Video – Holland Fisheries Event

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Holland Fisheries Event 2014

Cooltech presents its BinaryIce and EasyIce on the Holland Fisheries Event. Both products are perfect for cooling fish and shrimps on board of shrimpers and fishing vessels with many advantages compared to conventional products. Even the dutch press wrote online about the event and used the Cooltech booth picture for the article header immage. http://www.destentor.nl/regio/urk/duurzame-visserij-enige-toekomst-voor-bedrijfstak-1.4574994 read more →

  • BinärEis auf der Hartje SW4
    BinärEis auf der Hartje SW4

In Zusammenarbeit mit unserem neuen Geschäftspartner VCU wurde nun erstmals eine unserer BinärEis Anlagen direkt an Deck eines Krabbenkutters installiert. Während bisherige Anlagen nur unter Deck verbaut wurden, wünschte sich Henning Dulz, der Besitzer des Schiffes Hartje SW4, die Anlage aus Platzgründen an Deck zu verbauen. Die Installation hat unser neuer Geschäftspartner für Installationen im.. read more →

From 16.-18.09.13 the first EasyIce installation on a shrimper of the baltic sea has been completed successfully. While systems in the north sea can run with the seawater (3% salt), the WAR-58 is equipted with an additional salt dosing system beacause the salt in the baltic sea can be much lower. read more →