BinaryIce in air conditioning technology

  • Room air conditioning, refrigeration and room air dehumidification in offices, office buildings, apartments
  • Air conditioning of vehicles, aircraft, ship cabins
  • Space cooling and air conditioning in hospitals and cooling for medical equipment
  • Space cooling in multi-purpose halls
  • Supply of refrigerated cabinets, cold rooms and air conditioning systems of supermarkets, commercial kitchens, hotels and restaurants

EasyIce and BinaryIce in fisheries

  • Cooling of crabs and fishFishing net
  • Independent ice production of the fisherman based on seawater
  • Better quality preservation as with flake ice, no freezer burn
  • Rapid amortisation possible
  • Fast, intense, hygienic, soft and so gentle on the fish / crab
  • suitable for cooling fish in “sashimi-quality”.



BinaryIce in food technology

  • Immersion chilling of fish, fruits, vegetables, and packaged foods
  • Rapid cooling of the autoclave
  • Rapid cooling of food preparations (cook and chill) eg: with ready meals, sauces, pasta, dairy products and in commercial kitchens
  • Wort and yeast cooling in breweries
  • Meat, fruit and vegetable storage

BinaryIce for industrial applications

  • Cryogenic cooling in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Emergency cooling in case of power failure in data centers by ice storage
  • Cooling smallest components (Micro Cooling)
  • Separation of work materials (eg: oil, coolant and lubricant)
  • Concrete cooling (BinaryIce as an additive instead of water)