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21 Jul 2016
Juli 21, 2016


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Cooltech als Partner in dem EU Projekt RECOICE

Cooltech war offizieller Partner des erfolgreich abgeschlossenen EU Projektes namens RECOICE. Ziel des Projektes war es BinärEis an Bord von Fischerbooten zu produzieren, wobei die benötigte Energie zur Eisproduktion von einem Sterlingmotor bereitgestellt wird, der durch die Abgaswärme des Hauptgenerators an Bord angetrieben wird. Cooltech hat für dieses Projekt eine speziell entwickelte BinärEis Anlage gebaut.

The RECOICE project was closed successfully

The EC funded RECOICE project was successfully concluded in June 2016. Project partners of the consortium met at the end of June in Gorizia, Italy to evaluate the prepared prototype and to discuss further steps of future market entry. The Europe 2020 Strategy aims to achieve sustainable development, which includes the efficiency enhancing too. In line with these requirements, there is a continuous drive towards low energy, environmentally friendly solutions, which can provide a reduced carbon footprint. The RECOICE will provide such a solution for fishing vessels, generating the ice maker power from waste heat, scavenged from the engine exhaust pipe. The benefits will mainly include low ongoing fuel costs, good environmental performance, high quality fishing products and improved flexibility of fishing schedule. According to Albert Holtland, owner of a Belgian fishing vessel and also partner of the project, 95% of the ships that are in the European Union do not have ice making machines on board, so the RECOICE device would be of big help to them. The project consisting of nine partners received founding from the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union to accomplish its aims between 2014 and 2016 (GA no. 605286). The 30 months long project was coordinated by ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Kft. with the involvement of: Innovative Technological Systems SLR, MW-Innovation AB, Cooltech GMBH, Naval Architecture Progress, BVBA Verleene, Ateknea Solutions Catalonia and ASSE SRL.